Museum Mayhem, Volume 39 Carolyn Keene

Museum Mayhem, Volume 39

Author: Carolyn Keene
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Museum Mayhem, Volume 39
Carolyn Keene
A night at the museum and a broken sculpture lead to artistic injustice--unless Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew can find the true culprit Nancy, Bess, and George are so excited. Their favorite new art teacher, Miss Alcott, is taking them on their best class trip yet--a sleepover at the River Heights museum The girls can't wait to see some famous paintings, eat fancy food at the museum cafeteria, and have a great time with their classmates on the sleepover. But when an expensive sculpture gets broken, the River Heights students get blamed. Nancy knows her class didn't do it, so it's up to the Clue Crew to find the real culprit before Miss Alcott gets in trouble and the whole field trip is ruinedBinding Type: PaperbackAuthor: Carolyn KeenePublisher: Aladdin PaperbacksPublished: 11/04/2014ISBN: 9781442499676Pages: 96Weight: 0.16lbsSize: 7.77h x 5.18w x 0.28dAccelerated Reader Quiz #/Name: 170556 / Museum MayhemReading Level: 3.9 / Interest Level: Lower Grade / Point Value: 2

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