A Dirty Job Christopher Moore

A Dirty Job

Author: Christopher Moore
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A Dirty Job
Christopher Moore
Charlie Asher is a pretty normal guy with a normal life, married to a bright and pretty woman who actually loves him for his normalcy. They're even about to have their first child. Yes, Charlie's doing okay--until people start dropping dead around him, and everywhere he goes a dark presence whispers to him from under the streets. Charlie Asher, it seems, has been recruited for a new position: as Death.It's a dirty job. But, hey Somebody's gotta do it.--Syracuse Post-StandardBinding Type: PaperbackAuthor: Christopher MoorePublisher: William Morrow & CompanyPublished: 03/27/2007ISBN: 9780060590284Pages: 405Weight: 0.65lbsSize: 7.90h x 5.20w x 1.00d

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