Discourses and Selected Writings Epictetus

Discourses and Selected Writings

Author: Epictetus
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Discourses and Selected Writings
A new translation of the influential teachings of the great Stoic philosopher DESPITE BEING BORN into slavery, Greco-Roman philosopher Epictetus became one of the most influential thinkers of his time. Discourses and Selected Writings is a transcribed collection of informal lectures given by the philosopher around AD 108. A gateway into the life and mind of a great intellectual, it is also an important example of the usage of Koine or ?common? Greek, an ancestor to Standard Modern Greek.Binding Type: PaperbackAuthor: EpictetusPublisher: Penguin GroupPublished: 11/25/2008ISBN: 9780140449464Pages: 276Weight: 0.51lbsSize: 7.78h x 5.16w x 0.74dReview Citations: Christian Century 10/14/2015 pg. 36

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