Exam Ref Az-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Jim Cheshire

Exam Ref Az-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

Author: Jim Cheshire
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Exam Ref Az-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
Jim Cheshire
Prepare for Microsoft Exam AZ-900--demonstrate your real-world knowledge of cloud services and how they can be provided with Microsoft Azure, including high-level concepts applying throughout Azure, and key concepts specific to individual services. Designed for professionals in non-technical or technical roles, Exam Ref focuses on the critical thinking and decision-making acumen needed for success at the Microsoft Certified Fundamentals level. Focus on the expertise measured by these objectives: Describe cloud concepts Describe core Azure services Describe security, privacy, compliance, and trust Describe Azure pricing, Service Level Agreements, and lifecycles This Microsoft Exam Ref: Organizes its coverage by exam objectives Features strategic, what-if scenarios to challenge you Assumes you want to show foundational knowledge of cloud services and their delivery with Microsoft Azure; no technical background or IT experience is required About the Exam Exam AZ-900 focuses on knowledge needed to describe cloud service benefits and usage considerations; explain IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS; compare public, private, and hybrid cloud models; describe core Azure architectural components, products, solutions, and management tools; describe how network connectivity is secured in Azure; describe core identity services; describe Azure security tools, features, governance methodologies, and monitoring and reporting options; describe privacy, compliance and data protection standards; describe Azure subscriptions, cost planning, and cost management; and describe SLAs and the service lifecycle. About Microsoft Certification Passing this exam fulfills your requirements for the Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals credential, demonstrating that you can describe cloud concepts and core Azure Services; the fundamentals of Azure security, privacy, compliance, and trust; and Azure pricing, SLAs, and service lifecycles. See full details at: www.microsoft.com/learn Binding Type: PaperbackAuthor: Jim CheshirePublisher: Microsoft PressPublished: 08/14/2020ISBN: 9780136877189Pages: 304Weight: 1.10lbsSize: 9.00h x 7.30w x 0.80d

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