Ouran High School Host Club, Vol. 8, Volume 8 Bisco Hatori

Ouran High School Host Club, Vol. 8, Volume 8

Author: Bisco Hatori
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Book Title
Ouran High School Host Club, Vol. 8, Volume 8
Bisco Hatori
The uproarious comedy about a girl enlisted to work in a lavish host club In this screwball romantic comedy, Haruhi, a poor girl at a rich kids' school, is forced to repay an $80,000 debt by working for the school's swankiest, all-male club--as a boy There, she discovers just how wealthy the six members are and how different the rich are from everybody else... The first-years in Class 1-A are taking part in a test of courage, where the loser will receive the dubious honor of being dubbed Best of Cowards. Kazukiho Souga, the class president and a fraidy-cat at heart, is happy to be on a team with the levelheaded Haruhi, but will he be able to stomach the antics of his other teammates--the twins Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin?Binding Type: PaperbackAuthor: Bisco HatoriPublisher: Viz MediaPublished: 01/02/2007ISBN: 9781421511610Pages: 184Weight: 0.39lbsSize: 7.56h x 6.50w x 0.64d

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