Some Go Home Odie Lindsey

Some Go Home

Author: Odie Lindsey
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Some Go Home
Odie Lindsey
An Iraq War veteran turned small-town homemaker, Colleen works hard to keep her deployment behind her--until pregnancy brings her buried trauma to the surface. She hides her mounting anxiety from her husband, Derby, who is in turn preoccupied with the retrial of his father, Hare Hobbs, for a decades-old, civil rights-era murder. Colleen and Derby's community, including the descendants of the murder victim, still grapple with the fallout; corrections officer Doc and his wife, Jessica, have built their life in the shadow of this violent act.As a media frenzy builds, questions of Hare's guilt--and of the townsfolks' potential complicity in the crime--only magnify the ever-present tensions of class and race, tied always to the land and who can call it their own. At the center of these lingering questions is Wallis House, an antebellum estate that has recently passed to new hands. A brick-and-mortar representation of a town trying to erase its past, Wallis House is both the jewel of a gentrifying 2010s Pitchlynn, and the scene of the 1964 murder itself. When fresh violence erupts on the property grounds, the battle between old Pitchlynn and new, between memorial site and moving on, forces a reckoning and irreparable loss.Some Go Home twists together personal and collective history, binding north Mississippi to northside Chicago, in a richly textured, explosive depiction of both the American South and our larger cultural legacy.Binding Type: HardcoverAuthor: Odie LindseyPublisher: W. W. Norton & CompanyPublished: 07/21/2020ISBN: 9780393249521Pages: 304Weight: 1.10lbsSize: 9.00h x 6.10w x 1.30d

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