The Voice on the Radio Caroline B. Cooney

The Voice on the Radio

Author: Caroline B. Cooney
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The Voice on the Radio
Caroline B. Cooney
In the vein of psychological thrillers like We Were Liars, Girl on the Train, and Beware That Girl, bestselling author Caroline Cooney's JANIE series delivers on every level. Mystery and suspense blend seamlessly with issues of family, friendship and love to offer an emotionally evocative thrill ride of a read. The kidnapping is long past, and the Johnsons and the Springs are on the way to restoring their lives. Janie is ever grateful to her devoted boyfriend who helped her through it all. As Janie tries to balance herself between the two families, she feels torn. It seems the only thing keeping her together is her love for Reeve, but he is away at college and Janie misses him terribly. For Reeve, college life seems overwhelming. And as a first-time disc jockey at his college radio station, he is discovering that dead air can kill you. To fill the silence, he finds himself spilling Janie's story over the airwaves. Reeve is so sure that Janie will never find out what's making his broadcast such a hit that he doesn't stop himself. What will be the price for Janie?Binding Type: PaperbackAuthor: Caroline B. CooneyPublisher: EmberPublished: 05/22/2012ISBN: 9780385742405Pages: 183Weight: 0.39lbsSize: 8.27h x 5.53w x 0.48dAccelerated Reader Quiz #/Name: 13740 / Voice on the RadioReading Level: 4.6 / Interest Level: Upper Grade / Point Value: 6

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