“Snagging Better Bargains”

Snag Books LLC was founded in 2020 as an online bookstore, dedicated to providing readers everywhere with a wide selection of critically acclaimed books in almost every genre. Specializing in fiction and non-fiction books for adults and children, religious books for all ages and textbooks focused on the US school curriculum.

Our signature service is providing book bundles at the lowest price to our readers. Regardless the publisher, author, or genre we believe that there is nothing better than getting two, three or four books for the price of one. We have been able to offer reduced prices along with FREE SHIPPING options for our readers.

We continue to improve our user interface, increase the size of our catalog, add new aspects to our client service aspects and improve our position in the online book sales market.

We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Speedy Publishing LLC, a small publishing company with twenty-three editorially independent imprints creating content in almost every genre but specializing in K-12 curriculum-based content. Some of these titles are featured in some of our Snagging Deals.

One Thousand Books for One Thousand Kids

In January 2020, we launched the initiative of One Thousand Books for One Thousand Kids program. This program allows our readers to contribute to buying books for children whose parent’s cant afford to provide them with the much-needed textbooks for school.

We believe that knowledge is the only way to better global society in which all its citizens regardless of race, gender, religion, wealth, language, or social standing can truly live in harmony. Snag Books will play its part in helping those who may not have access to this knowledge by providing books to children all around the world.

Wholesale Offerings

Snag Books LLC is also keen in offering wholesale capabilities to resellers in the market for books that they may not have access to easily. While this was built primarily for schools, libraries, and smaller retail stores, in August 2020, Snag Books opened this feature to all readers who purchased more than ten copies of a single book. With deep discounts of up to 30% off the discounted prices, we have been able to help schools and librarians across the US stock their shelves and keep their patrons and students happy. To learn more, visit our Wholesalers Page here.

For more information about Snag Books You can contact our Corporate Team here.

“So, lets keep snagging those book deals together!”