Online privacy and the protection of consumer data is important to us at Snag Books. Therefore, we support and adhere to the rules of the California Consumer Privacy Act or the CCPA.

Consumer privacy for our customers who are California residents is a critical part of our sales and marketing process. We want to ensure that our clients have full control over their own data, along with financial, health, gender, race, home or business address, careers, or any other and personally identifiable information; better known as PII.

Effective January 1, 2020, the California Consumer Privacy Act gives California residents the right to:

  • Discover what personal information is collected by us, how this data is used, if it is shared or even sold and to which third parties the data has been sold to.
  • Residents have the right to insist that personal information held by Snag Books be deleted.
  • Residents have the right to decline sharing or opt-out of the sale of personal information.
  • Residents must not be deprived or discriminated against with respect to special offers in things such as pricing or service provided when the consumer exercises their right to under the California Consumer Privacy Act.


Pursuant to Section 1798.83 of the California Civil Code, residents of California have the right to request from a business, with whom the California resident has an established business relationship, certain information with respect to the types of personal information the business shares with third parties for those third parties' direct marketing purposes and the identities of the third parties with whom the business has shared such information during the immediately preceding calendar year.

To exercise your rights, you may make one request each year by emailing us at or calling us toll-free at (888) 705-0396. Learn more about our information disclosure policies here: Our Privacy Policy.