Claymore, Vol. 2 Norihiro Yagi

Claymore, Vol. 2

Author: Norihiro Yagi
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Claymore, Vol. 2
Norihiro Yagi
A New York Times best selling, multi-arc, character-driven story with great battles and strong-willed females that will appeal to males and females alike. In a world where monsters called Yoma prey on humans and live among them in disguise, humanity's only hope is a new breed of warrior known as Claymores. Half human, half monster, these silver-eyed slayers possess supernatural strength but are condemned to fight their savage impulses or lose their humanity completely. Claire and the orphan Raki travel to the town of Rabona, where a Yoma has been stalking the priests inside the cathedral. The creature could be one of the guards, or even a priest, but this time Claire won't be able to sense its aura. Does she stand a chance against the stealthy Yoma?Binding Type: PaperbackAuthor: Norihiro YagiPublisher: Viz MediaPublished: 06/01/2006ISBN: 9781421506197Pages: 184Weight: 0.40lbsSize: 7.55h x 5.00w x 0.60d

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